Saturday, February 08, 2014

You Wanted To Know More About Essential Oils

For the last lovely 15 years, this girl and I have been nearly joined at the hip.  I'm pretty sure I shed more tears over her and her hubs moving to Virginia than a Mama sending her only child off to college three states away.

But she's been safely ensconced back in Dixie for several years now, bless my heart.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that we started our essential oils journey hand in hand, and to the entertainment of many, we've collaborated a time or two trying to articulate what we've learned and why we love our oils.

Y'all, we're here to do it again.

I know, you're thrilled.  But hear me out, watch it to the very end and then read the rest of this post.

Soooo.... would YOU like to win a Family Physician that includes ALL the oils we talked about in the video?
Simply follow the rules and you're in!! 

***Here's The Fine Print***
Current doTERRA IPC's are not eligible to win.
The prize does NOT include enrollment.
Entries will be received until midnight (central time) on 2/28/14.
Winner will be chosen by random generator.
Open to US residents only. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips!

Carrie Taylor said...

Loved the video Aubrey! Thanks for doing that. I was excited to hear that Digestzyn could be used for motion sickness! Unfortunately that has become an issue for me in my "old" age. ;) Can't wait to get started using my oils!

klwalt said...

I didn't know you could put lavender on your lips. And I had no idea about all the ways OnGuard could be used including on the spine. Thanks so much!

Laura Forman said...

Loved it! I liked the idea of putting frankincense on a child's head to calm them down and focus more on school work. And also, loved the recipe for diaper rash cream!

sweethomealagirl said...

I've been wanting to try EOs - thanks for the opportunity!

(my technical skills may be lacking today - if this shows up 5x, I'm sorry! Just delete the extras!)

tabitha bassett said...

I am new to EOs. I knew peppermint oil was great for headaches but had no clue about its other uses. Also, never knew about frankincense for calming and focusing. I have a little boy that needs some help in the focusing department. I would love to give EOs a try.

Marmee said...

Lots of information to take in but I am so interested in learning more. I definitely think I would like trying the DigestZEN for my stomach but also would like to try the ON Guard for immunity. Thanks for sharing. I have wanted to hear you talk about all this but never get out at night.

Bethany said...

DigestZen for motion sickness?? Gonna have to try that for Eli next time we're in the mountains. And I may have to go to frankincense more now that I know it's a catch-all! :)

Megan said...

I learned that I am incompetent at using "easy entry" forms. Sorry if I posted a comment with your original "leave us a comment" comment still there.

No really, my favorite things were your discussion of frankincense oil (one that I've been most interested in), and I also thought "no way!" to myself when you said that you can apply lavender to calm bee stings and bug bites. I'm hoping for no bee stings ever again, but boy, that would have been nice to know when I had a wasp get the bottom of my foot last summer.


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