Monday, January 19, 2015

Guess What I Got For Christmas?

This poor blog has suffered for nearly nine years from not only a lack of good photography skills, but a lack of a real camera.

Not that the dismal skills have anything to do with the ownership or non-ownership of a camera.  But I'll try to stay on track here.

Guess what I got for Christmas??

Do you find it ironic that I just took a picture of my snazzy new camera with an iPhone?  I'm reveling in that tasty morsel of irony.

But I'm reveling more in my ability to have more and better pictures of my people, even if my skills are sub-amateur.  It makes me happy.  See?  

This is what we call 'The Cheeseball'.  He pulls this face out at any random moment of the day, but generally when he wants something (like a snack or your undivided attention) or wants out of something (like picking up his toys or putting on his pajamas).

Just because he was spinning me a fabulous tale and he's little and it won't last forever.
Still trying to figure out how to take pictures inside without getting all those major shadows.  Got any tips?

We celebrated Anna's 6th birthday a bit late, but the finery knew no bounds.  Her sisters set the table with my grandmother's china and served blueberries and string cheese for snack.

We're pretty proper here - tea parties are a part of our daily life. 

Sarah Grace has an amazing capacity to include this little guy in whatever it is she's doing.  He loves the attention!

The Freeman household hasn't evaded the Frozen epidemic.  These adorbs little hats were made by our sweet friend Angel and they get a TON of wear. 
Kid loves his 'heh-mut'. 

New Year's Eve.  It was late....

She makes kitchen chores entertaining!  A spoonful of sugar, right?

Just a few days before we chopped all her hair off - it was also FREEZING outside!

Hot chocolate.  Because I have a new camera and I can. 

That time it took me two days to think to check her ears when she kept complaining about a sore jaw and neck?  Totally used my essential oils and she bounced back in less than 12 hours.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some of All The Things

Y'all, it's been a bit of a busy last couple of months.  I mean, all months are busy, right?  But I feel like November and December came careening out of nowhere with all their Things To Be Dealt With.  Some of those things were wonderful and fun.  Others of those things, well, not so much. 

Early in November, our friend Jennifer was stateside.  Jen's family serves in Costa Rica as missionaries and we miss them tons, so it was big fun to get to take off on a last minute trip to see her in Atlanta.  The goofiness knew no bounds, and the heartfelt conversation among friends was balm to all our hearts. 

While I was in Atlanta, I got a call from Joshua.  It was the kind of call that every mama fears hearing, especially when she's away from home.

"We've been in a wreck."   

My hear stopped, y'all.  I excused myself from my friends and went to listen to my husband. 

"Everyone is fine, though.  No injuries."

The van was totaled but everyone involved in the wreck were fine.  It was the best case scenario. 

We drove four different vans (rentals and loaners) over the next two weeks, then bought this bad boy on Black Friday.

That would be our new 12 passenger Nissan NV.  We've been eye-balling them for a couple of years now, waiting for all the kinks to be worked out since their release in 2012.  We were also waiting on our van to die or for our kids rear-ends to outgrow the super narrow 3-seater bench in the back of it.  Our checkbook would have preferred we wait another year or so, but ultimately, a lot of things came together at once and this baby fell in our laps. 

And I couldn't be more thrilled!!!

A week and a half later, we went to the hospital with Anna.  About the time we recovered from the barrage of information and lack of sleep that comes with any hospital stay, it was well and truly Christmas! 

Our current plan is for me to send my husband and kids off with big hugs and kisses as I focus on working through the first rendition of the 2nd semester schedule and plot out the next six weeks of school.  I have big plans to get more done, too, but realistically, the school prep will be MORE than enough. 

I'm ready for things to even keel and for all the excitement to die down so we can find a routine again.  I'm ready for dance classes and co-op and bible study to resume.  I'm looking forward to this new year and thankful for the Lord's provision in this last one. 

So that's that.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dear My Brave Anna

Dear Anna,
You're amazing.  This past week has been a rough one for you, and you handled it like a champ.

On Monday, you were sent to the ER with extremely high blood sugar levels.  The folks in the ER took stock of what was going on with you and we were admitted to a room where you received finger pricks and insulin shots and I curled up next to you and slept with you all night.  Daddy was close by on the couch because neither one of us wanted to leave your side.  The needles scared you and made you cry and it all hurt our hearts so much.

 Tuesday was a parade of dieticians and diabetes trainers and sweet family and friends coming through your room to see you.  We also got to see Santa Claus!!

On Tuesday evening, I gave you your insulin shot.  You were so brave, sweet girl, and I was and am so thankful that this particular shot brought no tears to your sweet eyes. 

Your sisters and cousin Layla came to see you and were all so relieved to see how well you were doing.  The girls chose to stay with Daddy that night so they could spend the next day with you.  They were very concerned about you still.  I curled up with you again and we slept between the nurses coming in to check on you.

On Wednesday, you started doing your own finger pricks.  I'll admit to biting back tears while your eyes shimmered with pride.  Daddy learned to give you your injections and nurses started saying maybe we could go home.  Sure enough, because you were so brave and so willing to help us take care of you, they let us go home that afternoon.

Anna, it's hard for your Mommy and Daddy to know that our little girl will have to deal with this disease called diabetes the rest of your life.  But baby girl, this is the Lord's plan for you and He's had it in His hands all along.  He KNOWS the plans He has for you, Anna.  Plans not to harm you but plans for your future.

And Mommy and Daddy?  We're just thankful we get to be a part of your story, the one He created especially for you, Little One.